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You Can, You Will




I was given the opportunity to read Joel Osteen’s new book “You Can, You Will”. I am glad I read this delightful book. I needed encouragement this week.

The premise of Osteen’s book is that God wants us to ask and expect the unexpected and the impossible in our lives. I know I have experienced this with my own struggles with my Vasculitis disease. I have been through many surgeries, larynxspasms, and even life altering events, but the best part is I have gotten several miracles in my life. Though it isn’t as I envision them to be, it still happens better than I have expected.

Last night I dreamt that I was looking at myself in the mirror and I was looking at my throat and I saw no trach. I just saw the scars and then I started peeling the skin tissue off around my throat. I know that is God’s way of telling me that my expectation of being trachless will happen.

I hope that when you read Osteen’s book you will be inspired to expect the miraculous and the impossible from God. He does say a lot in the New Testament “all things are possible”. Why shouldn’t we heed that advice?

I know that the challenge is fear. It is fear of the unknown. It is fear of not having control. It is fear of being deeply wounded. That is where trust and reliance on God comes in. I am learning to trust God, even though the disappoints of my life conflict with the many blessings I have received. I am hopeful.

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