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Loving Yourself To Great Health

Loving Yourself to Great Health” by Ahlea Khadro, Louise Hays, and Heather Dane brought about a great insight into my own health.

Here are some key points that I took away from reading this book.

1)  Be willing to learn. To me this means, being willing to do the research, ask the questions, and try out new foods that you normally wouldn’t eat.

2)  Pray for the right people to be provided to assist you. To me this means asking God to lead you to the individuals who will help you achieve your health goals. I did this when I first started having breathing issues. The miracle happen and I was lead to 4 great doctors who are still helping me to be my best healthy. Now I am praying for the tools for my kitchen and for movement to be provided. I am also praying for a personal training that has understanding towards those who have breathing issues and other joint issues.

3)  Have affirmations: I struggle with this one. I believe the way we talk to ourselves affects how we interact with others and our self-care.

4)  Choose doctors who support my vision of health and well-being. I believe I have this with my primary, my two ENT’s and my Rheumatologist. I prayed that God would send me the people I need in order for me to achieve good health. The benefit of having Doctors who I can trust is amazing.

5)  Create a team of health experts, family, and friends: I believe I have supportive family and friends who encourage and cheer me on as I take every single step towards my self-care.  I’m thankful for them. I am praying for the right personal training to come into my life that doesn’t cost too much. I get my recipes and food knowledge from books and blogs that I read.

6)  Keep a binder of your blood work: I do more than keep a binder of my blood work. My doctors give me paperwork after each visit and I keep that. It has my blood pressure, my current weight, and what we discussed and their recommendations and what tests need to get done. I like that. It makes it so much easier to remember. I also keep a current medications list and what I am allergic to in this binder. Along with the business cards of my infusion clinic, doctors, physical therapist, and anyone who I need to get in contact with. This helps when I have had to go to the ER or a new doctor.

7)  Seek your own inner guidance: I had to learn to do this.


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