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Cucumber Salad



Friday I was told that I needed to start eating more of the good bacteria to combat my recent outbreak of C-diff. I contracted C-diff after taking antibiotics in the hospital for my throat surgery on July 24th. I am happy to say my C-diff is under control and I have a new appreciation for pro and pre biotics. We need these good bacteria to keep our tummies happy.

In my email box that night from PBS food extracts I received a recipe for cucumber salad that used the whole milk Greek yogurt instead of the normal vinegar and oil that I have been taught. I don’t like yogurt, especially Greek yogurt. It has a strong and bitter taste to me. In order for me to eat this I need it in something. So I was a bit excited that there was a recipe that looked like it would be something I would like. I only added a couple of other ingredients to this simple recipe. The simple recipes are the best. I also didn’t use four cucumbers like the recipe suggested. I only used one because I am a single lady and I didn’t need a lot of left overs.

Here is my new version:

Cucumber Salad:

1 Cucumber

1 cup feta cheese

1 cup whole milk yogurt (I used Fage)

1 to 2 tsps of fresh dill

2 tbls Italian Parsley

1 small whole Walla Walla sweet onion thinly sliced

1 clove garlic crushed

1 lime juiced

First  I put 1 cup Greek Yogurt into a bowl. Add the lime juice, dill, Italian Parsley, and garlic clove. Mix together. Thinly slice onion and add to bowl. Then slice in cubes cucumber and add to bowl. Then add the 1 cup of feta cheese. Mix everything together. Put into the fridge and let chill.

I am serving this over some 50/50 salad mix so I don’t have to use salad dressing. Enjoy!

I really liked this cucumber salad a lot better than the vinegar version I have seen and tried. I hope you do too.

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