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Cultivating Friendships

I read an article in the “In Touch” magazine about friendships that spoke to my soul. The article is called “The Solid Joy of Friendship” written by James Cain.  It got me to thinking about my friends. Who they are? Why I value them?

I have several friends that I have known since my teenage years. Each one popped into my life differently and for reasons that I needed at the time. They still are around. They still support me. They still see value in me. They make me laugh.

I do not get to see them often, but when we do. I know and feel that deep connection we started long ago. Many of them live far away, because as we grew, started families of our own, and even followed different paths. We still connect on social media. A couple of them I see every so often. Each time I see them, I am punched with joy in our time together.

As I have gone through my journey of Vasculitis. I have come to realize the value of relationships in my life. That I need the connection and the rewards of my friendships and not just from my family, but all types of people. I have met some amazing individuals who have become friends that are fighting the same battle as I am with grace and dignity.

I think the part of the article I read that touched me the most was where Cain describes talking to a friend about frustrations and concerns with one of his friends. It didn’t turn out so well. This got me to thinking about one friendship in particular. She and I have not always been in each other’s lives. For a time, we had to separate and become mature adults. Now, we can share freely and with the love and forgiveness without allowing our egos to take over. Maturity happens in time and it can deeper friendships. I know this because I have experienced this. Part of letting go to the joy of friendship is realizing that the relationship is not all about you. It is about both parties. It is about standing together, not only to have fun, but in times of sorrow and pain, especially during times when one’s family is not able or willing to stand there for you. I hope you read this article and become thankful about the men and women who are in your life. I know I was and am deeply thankful. They know who they are.

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