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Sunset Beach Warrenton Oregon



I love the beach. I was excited when my sister texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with my mom and two sisters. I of course said yes. I’m glad I did.


Though the beach was cold and windy, the sun was out. I still enjoyed the atmosphere of the beach. I enjoyed watching my two sisters run on the beach. I long to do that someday I still can’t run and just have fun freely. It made me sad. Because I am not able to run free like my sisters can. I did jump up and run a bit with my older sister for a moment. I enjoyed it.


Sunset Beach is located in Warrenton Oregon. The smooth sand allows vehicles to drive so those like me and my mom can get close to the water without having to walk a lot. The best parts were the sand on my toes, the feel of the water on my feet and butt. Yes, I had an experience where the water came up and knocked me off the bench I was sitting on. And the pictures and videos I took were taking without me being able to see what I am taking.


What a great end to summer.

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  1. Linea Elken says:

    What a lovely experience. You did get up & run for a moment. Cherish that moment. Let it motivate you to get well enough to twirl on the beach with your sisters. I have faith & belief that you will someday get there. <3

  2. Jamie Holloway says:

    Thank you Linea. I plan on and will be moving my body more so that I can run on the beach with my sisters next summer.

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