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The Plant Plus Diet Solution



“The Plant Plus Diet Solution” by Joan Borysenko gave this lady a deeper understanding about all the diets and ideas that are out there. Borysenko says everyone’s bodies are different so we can’t all benefit from the same diet. We all need different things to fuel and allow us to be the healthiest that we can be. I happen to agree with this philosophy. I know right now that I need to have more fermented and pro and pre biotic foods in my life. I also know that eating more real whole foods is a huge component for me to keep my body fueled and healthy. I have to admit that I have slacked off and I am suffering for it. I know that when I eat more cruxerfous vegetables I feel so good. I also know that when I don’t eat a bunch of processed foods I feel like junk.

I will be incorporating Borysenko’s guidelines for keeping track of my progress as I make minor changes in my life. Read this book. You get not only scientific information, but also recipes. Who doesn’t love having recipes for all those new foods you’ll be eating? I know this girl loves

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