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Good Health, Good Life



I really enjoyed reading Joyce Meyer’s book “Good Health, Good life”. I needed to be reminded of how and why I should make healthy choices for my body.  A few of the strategies Meyer’s talks about in her book hit home for me. The ones that hit home for me were: Get God’s help, Learn to love your body, and Being mindful about eating. There are 12 life points and I am sure I need to work on all 12 of them, but these 3 hit me the hardest.

Being mindful about eating: Let’s just say that I am not mindful all the time; there are times when I am. Due to my trach I know I need to chew my food thoroughly so that I do not choke. I am aiming to pay attention to how I am eating and what I am eating.

Get God’s help: I am stubborn. I think I can do things on my own. It is partly because of how I grew up. I know in knowledge that I need to ask for God’s help and even start enhancing my praying life. Improvements need to be made.

Learn to love your body: This one concept has me running for the hills screaming. I was taught that loving yourself was a sin. As I have grown older. I realize that this is not true, but still it is hardwired into my soul. This one will be one of the hardest, but I also know that I must face the obstacles it presents.

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