I was invited to join the blog tour for the book “Roar” by Scottie Nell Hughes. This is my first tour. In exchange for my review I was given a copy of her book.

Just to share some information about myself. I am not a left winger or a right winger. There are views that I support on both sides.

While reading Hughes book her concerns about gun control. I totally support. Despite the fact there are background checks guns can and are being purchases illegally. What are the law abiding citizens to do? In fact, a mother and several others in my local area have been murdered by people breaking into their homes. For me I want to keep the right I have to purchase a gun so that I may defend myself.

There are a few things that I disagree with. One of them is food stamps. I didn’t like that she called those who received food stamps or other benefits victims. I am one who receives food stamps and disability. I have an illness that makes it impossible for me to have a job. My disability takes care of my rent, electric, and phone. There is nothing left for food, so food stamps help with that. I don’t get much. The amount I get would be one person’s weekly grocery bill. For it me it has to last me an entire month. I don’t claim to be a victim. I don’t whine or cry about what I am receiving. I am thankful.  In fact, I know several veterans and the elderly who receive food stamps because their social security is not enough to cover their bills and food. How is that playing the victim? I do understand that there are people who play the system, but to me I think that is a minority.

Though we disagree on this one part I do have a lot of respect for what Hughes has to say and her book was easy to read and enjoyable. 

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  1. This sounds like it might be a good read. Can you share more details?

  2. Jamie Holloway says:

    I think Karen would love it and I can lend her my copy so she can read it. Roar opened up my eyes, because I had in my mind that being conservative was negative. It isn’t. Hughes biggest thing is that women’s rights isn’t just one side verses the other. I think you should read it too. Here is her website: so you can explore for yourself.

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