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Part Time Paleo



I know, I know I said I didn’t want to read anymore diet books. “Part Time Paleo” by Leanne Ely isn’t a diet book. Leanne writes great articles for Flylady and for her own blog  Saving Dinner that I have been following for years. So when I saw that she wrote a book about Paleo eating which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but the strict pushers of the diet had me running for the hills. I decided to read Leanne’s book and I am glad I did. I got some great recipes that I am excited to try out. Since the season for soup is upon us, fall and winter. I am looking forward to making bone broth out of the bones of the meat I eat. I have heard of bone broth and how good it is for your gut, joints, and overall health I knew I wanted to make some. I am now armed with how to use my crockpot to make my own broth. I’m thinking I need to invest in a second crockpot so that I can keep one crockpot for making bone broths since it takes 72 hours to make. 

I highly recommend reading Ely’s book; get some fabulous and easy recipes and ideas in how to take charge of your health. 

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