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Being Well Goals

Saturday my caregiver asked me a point blank question that has caused me to think. She asked “What are your goals before and after surgery and I don’t mean just physical, but the mental, and spiritual goals.” I have been concentrating on my physical goals. That needs to change. My mental and spiritual health is just as important.

Ever since my caregiver asked me her questions I have been thinking about what my goals will be.


  • Deep clean my apartment. I have many chores I’d like to get done. I’m making a list and I do have a person to help me. I just need to get my gumption to get it done.
  • Getting my laundry done. I have not been able to get laundry done in a while. I’m hoping to get a bunch of it done this coming weekend.
  • Prepare my meals. I mean by this is preparing a bunch of meals that I can freeze for my recovery time. I found a couple of recipes for the crockpot that I will be making. One is called Crockpot lasagna. I didn’t know you can make lasagna in the crockpot. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
  • Move my body. Right now, I am doing pelvic thrusts and legs lifts. Wednesday I will be adding another movement to my regime.



  • Journal, a lot. Set a time of the day to just write out what I am feeling.
  • My friend Summer wrote me a lovely letter and said she missed writing letters. And you know what I do too. When I was younger I used to write hand written letters all the time. But when email and Facebook came along, well that went out the door. It will be good for my soul and mental health to start writing a letter.
  • Use my essential oils.
  • Pray
  • Get my book onto my external hard drive and start adding to it and editing it. I’ve been procrastinating.
  • Of course I will continue to write my blog
  • Read books.
  • Find things that will help me relax, movies, oils, hot baths, warm fuzzy socks, soft fuzzy blankets, or even some great music.



  • Pray, spend that time with Jesus.
  • Read my scriptures. I am now in the book of Psalms. I am finding Psalms helping me with my woes with my illness. He went through a ton. I love that despite being in pain, abandoned, rejection, beaten, ridiculed he always turns to God for comfort and solace.
  • Connect with others.

Today I have completed week one of my movement goals. Tomorrow I will be adding another exercise. Small steps.

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  1. I am so glad that you have a team of people that care about you and that Megan understands that you have needs on many sides of you. I am so proud of you!

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