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Finding My Mojo

While reading Job chapter 10, the first verse hit me hard. Job says “I am weary of my life and loathe it! I will give free expression to my complaint; I will speak in the bitterness of my soul.” Job was having a bad day. Actually he was having a bad month. He was stricken with boils, lost his family, and much more. Reading this I am comforted. I am comforted because Job seems like a real human. One that hurt, that struggled with the challenges of life and wanted to complain. Life became difficult.

I find myself complaining when I find the challenges I have been given to be too much for me to bear. My biggest complaint is why can’t I breathe like everyone else? Why can’t I have a normal healthy life? In fact, my biggest obstacle right now concerns me breathing and moving my body so that I can become stronger. This morning, because I am being inspired by my best friend and one of my sisters to get back into moving my body. I discovered that the pain in my butt and side of leg is weak? You start building it up so it is strong. My body needs that kind of repair. I also know I am an instant kind of gal and this is a process that is not going to happen overnight. Patients, loyalty, and steadfastness need to be my focus.

What is my plan of action? I am starting over, with my physical therapy exercises. When I started physical therapy the therapist gave me one or two exercises to do for a week period of time. I was to do them every day. I will be starting with the pelvic thrusts and the legs lifts this week. My first day was this morning Wednesday October 22, 2014. Next Wednesday I will add another exercise to the routine. The endurance level will be me just walking to the rec room to use the internet once a day until I can get my throat dilated.

Slow and steady will be my motto.

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