I Am



While on hiatus from the internet and my laptop. I watched a documentary called I Am. The director Tom Shadyac made movies such as Ace Ventura .  This documentary was eye opening because this rich man saw and realized his place in the world beyond owning a big house and fancy cars and having a jet plane. He saw the way we commune with each other. The amazing thing is he didn’t see this until he got sick. I find it amazing that many of us don’t appreciate or see things until we become ill and lose something.

This documentary isn’t necessary Christian, but it does have interviews with Archbishop Desmond Tutu who worked closely with Mandela. There are many scientists and speakers interviewed at the nature and how they have compassion and work in a spirit of corporation with each other. The biggest theme in I Am was corporation instead of how we were all taught of getting things for ourselves. God created us to corporate with each other in building and connecting with each other. Our human nature of getting as much as we can without thinking that our actions may affect someone else I believe is the biggest downfall of human kind. I know in my own journey with my illness I have learned that I need to corporate with my team. That is being willing to communicate my fears, frustrations, and even what I see must be done. I am blessed that I have a few doctors in my life who work well with me and we have created a spirit of corporation. I sometimes do not understand what is going on inside of my doctor’s, caregivers, family, friends, nurses, or neighbors minds or what their goals are. That just gives me the opportunity to ask, learn, and listen and then give my own input. One thing that struck me in this documentary was the Antelope who were feeding in a field, and you would think the alpha male would make the decision of which watering hole they would quench their thirst in. Turns out, it is a group voting in the way of each antelope points its head towards the direction of the watering hole they want to go to. It isn’t the leader, it is the whole group who decides where they will go. I found that fascinating to watch. Turns out the animals, birds, insects all do this. God created them to vote and corporate with each other for the whole group.

I enjoyed watching this documentary. In fact, I watched it twice. I hope you would consider watching this movie and open up your mind to corporation.

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