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Unexpected Changes

I am thankful tonight as I am sitting on my comfortable bed writing on my new to me lap top. You see 3 weeks ago my previous lap top stopped charging. I thought it was just in need of a new charger, but I was wrong. Turns out that the charger part of my lap top melted and stopped working. Thankfully my hard drive was not destroyed. It was saved. One of my fabulous nephews saved my old hard drive so that I can start using it for an external hard drive.  Unfortunately, I was not able to save my book. I am hoping that a couple of my friends will send me a copy that I have sent to them. I am going to revamp my book anyway. I am seeing this as a blessing in disguise. I am still thankful. I am still inspired to keep on writing. I am thankful that I now have an external hard drive. I have realized that my lap top is my life. It is how this housebound woman writes her blog, socializes with friends and family, writes her book, and even researches what interests her. Writing has become an outlet for me to express so many things that have been going on in my life.

I will share that I saw Dr. Anderson on October 9th and I am awaiting a phone call from the radiologist so that I can get a CT scan before all the surgeries start. I made a decision to try a different approach to my throat issues. My biggest desire is getting rid of my trach and having laser surgery follow by injections of Metomycin-C is my last hope before I just succumb to living with a trach.  These surgeries I will be having done are not common. Usually ENT tell patients with throat issues like mine to just live with a trach. I’m thankful I have an ENT who isn’t the norm and willing to experiment.

This month I have been following the unprocessed challenge through the Eating Plan blog. They do it yearly. This is my first time doing this and it is going better than I thought it would. I bought a bunch of canned tuna fish, canned tomatoes, whole chickens, potatoes, celery, and carrots. While I am still thinking about eating unprocessed foods. I am also keeping in mind foods that I can freeze for meals for when I am recovering from surgery. Simple things that I only have to heat up and not have to worry about the whole process of cooking. I love the process of cooking. Chopping is my favorite task in the kitchen. I love the way my chef’s knife fits in my hand as I chop up veggies or other things. It brings me joy. I am cultivating more joy in my life.

Change, transformation has been an intricate theme in my life since I was a child. It still is. Somehow God has shown and taught me with each change from the most tragic to the simplest change that it is a part of life. I am still standing, breathing, walking, talking, and even able to live a joyful life even if change smacks me in the face. I am ready to face the changes that will be happening in my life. I know that Jesus is with me and I have a great support network.

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  1. You are an inspiration to so many! I will send you the copy of your book right now!

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