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Cooking Through Cancer Treatments



I found a great cookbook for those of us who are undergoing chemo therapy. Though this book is geared towards those who are fighting cancer. I believe the information shared affects those of us who use chemo drugs to fight our auto-immune and Vasculitis diseases. The book is called “Cooking Through Cancer Treatments” by Lisa Price and Susan Gins. My next chemo treatment is December 5th. Thankfully I only have to have my Rituximab treatment every 6 months. I cannot imagine getting it done more than that. I know several people in my life who are undergoing chemo and I will share this cookbook with them.

I feel so fatigued and not myself after I get my treatment so I am excited to try out some of these simple breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

I recommend this book to anyone who is undergoing treatments of any sort. Eating becomes a challenge and I believe this cookbook will guide you to meals that won’t make you feel sick. That will nourish your body.

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