I love adventure stories and so when I was presented with the opportunity to read “Gorge” by Kara Richardson Whitely. I took it. Here was a woman who is overweight, had binge issues with food, and even some abuse issues that I could relate to. She conquered her mountain which came in the form of a mountain in Africa. Throughout “Gorge” Whitely talks about her weight and how it is affecting her on this treacherous journey up Mt Kilimanjaro. She is not the only one who is affected by the altitude, weather, and surroundings.  Her companions are too. I screamed for joy for her when she made it to the summit and back down. She conquered a mountain. This is a great book. It gives one inspiration to climb and conquer mountains. Whether those mountains are real or just things that are standing in our way of accomplishing our goals and dreams.

I am inspired by this book. I know you will be too. I recommend you check out Whitely’s blog here.

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