Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed this time with family and friends. This year I have a ton to be thankful for. This will be a sort of a year in review. I cannot believe in a month 2015 will begin. I am already thinking about the word I will focus on for the year. I have several in mind. I’m praying to see which one I need to focus on.

I am thankful for a lot of things this year, my medical team, my health that seems to be stabilizing, family, friends, great neighbors and my list could go on and on.

My medical team had some major changes. The ENT who left my life a couple of years ago Dr. Anderson is now back in my life. I’m so thankful. I feel so relieved about this. Because though I liked Dr. Berinstein, he still did not feel comfortable working with me and my condition. I scared him. It is hard to work with a doctor who is scared of you and doesn’t know what to do with you. I felt like every time I went to see him. Dr. Anderson is not afraid of experimenting or learning and working with me. I appreciate that so much. Dr. Gardner continues to be a great Rheumatologist and Dr. Houghton continues to be an amazing primary doctor for me. She just had a baby in August and I hope she will be off of maternity leave soon. I have liked seeing Dr. Sonntag that has taken her place for a bit.

My health is stable. I have had to only go to the hospital in an ambulance twice this year. I will take that. I am feeling more confident with my trach and it’s care required. I am stopping living in fantasy of living without a trach. I’m accepting it. I still have not heard from Dr. Anderson and plan to call him Monday to see what the next steps will be. If he will be able to do the surgeries and injecting the metomyacin-c into the scar tissue area or if I have to just live with my trach. I’m preparing myself with the inevitable of just living with a trach. I have had several disappointments of getting rid of my trach to the no not now. It’s so aggravating. It dashes my spirit. I have had several faults starts of moving my body, but then I get a pain or a disappointment so I stop. I’m not consistent. I am thinking this will be my word for 2015, but I haven’t decided between consistent and self-care. I probably can do both, right? I am praying about it like I said.

My family is as supportive as ever. I appreciative of their dedication to my health. They have experienced the ups and downs of the hope of getting rid of my trach or not. I know they have my back. Kris my sister in law has been amazing at giving me rides up to Seattle for my doctor appointments and other things that I need. Also my sister Carri has been a great ride giver too and also taking care of my mom. I am blessed with an amazing family.


My friends, all of them. Old friends I have known since I was a girl to the new ones. I feel supported. My heart was deeply touched when one of my friend whom I have known since 7th grades daughter included me in her school assignment. I woke up this morning thankful. Then I came down to the rec room to use the internet before I start making my dinner. I was pleasantly surprised by my friend’s daughter who sent me a picture of what she wrote. It puts a lot of things in perspective for me. I’m thinking I will wrote more about it in a different post.

I hope everyone takes the opportunity to be thankful and enjoy the atmosphere of our connections today. Even though we may drive each other crazy love is still there. Life would be dull without each other. I know mine has been deeply enhanced.

Happy Thanksgiving with lots of love for you all!

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