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The Conversation



Dying is not a subject many people like to talk about. It’s uncomfortable, scary, and highly emotional. It is necessary to talk about. “The Conversation” by Angelo Volandes is a good start to the conversation. In “The Conversation” Volandes offers some questions to ask your loved ones about their life, their end of life decisions, and medical decisions. It’s important to ask these questions so that you are not left confused about what to do when the time comes for someone to be mentally unstable or medically unstable due to an illness. Families whose parents or spouse are suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia might like this book to help them with choices.

For me, my decision about how I want my medical treatment or the end of my life to be came suddenly in 2010. When after a surgery I was not able to communicate or even ascertain my surroundings. My family didn’t know what I wanted or even how I wanted to be treated. So, after that time I got a POLST, a DNR, and even a Living Will so that my family knows what I want. It makes the decision easier for them. I personally believe that any adult 18 and older should have this information for their families. Because sudden life changes can happen and it is best to be prepared. I’m thankful that I have communicated my wishes to my family and have even taken the legal steps necessary.

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