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Christmas Joy Telethon


Christmas stirs up warm memories for people. Many adults remember magnificent Christmas traditions of going shopping for the perfect Christmas president. To sitting on Santa’s lap while making requests for the next big toy out there. To just picking out and decorating the Christmas tree. I missed these amazing traditions growing up. With my birth mom, we were poor so buying a Christmas tree was out of the question. We did have a small weak plastic tree, but the decorations were not sparkly and bright. To me my Christmas memories consist of being yelled out, embarrassed because I didn’t get anything bright, sparkly, fun, or even practical for Christmas. I got bad words that hurt. Although one year when I was 6 I had a good Christmas where Santa came to my house and I got the 3 things I wanted for Christmas that year. That is a rare and good memory I have. After my birth mom died when I was 13 I moved to a family who didn’t celebrate Christmas. They didn’t celebrate Christmas because of religious beliefs. I was okay with that. Although, I had some amazing teenage girlfriends who told me their funny, amazing, and sparkly Christmas stories of their amazing travels to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner or spending time opening gifts. I loved listening to their stories. There is a reason I love the old movies that showed big happy family dinners or even the humorous ones. That is why I enjoy going to the Christmas Joy Telethon. I got to experience Christmas with my amazing community and be part of a fun and sparkly tradition.

I had so much fun at the Christmas Joy Telethon this year. I am so glad that I got to go and be part of my Living Ministries team. Summer, Karen, Lynn, and Linea are awesome team members and I am so blessed by them. My favorite moments of the telethon were Carl Wirkkala playing with his band some awesome western music while Jacob from Canz for Toys and Braden Summer’s super awesome nephew danced with Linea, Karen, Summer, and I. The hitting of the piñata and Santa Claus even got into the action. I had so much fun handing out the candy and toys to the kids and even to the adults. This year the musicians were Carl Wirkkala, Paul Mauer, Clarissa Aaron, and Claire Beck.

I love that the Christmas Joy Telethon offers an event for kids and for adults. The kids can listen to the music of Carl Wirkkala, Paul Mauer, Clarissa Aaron, and Claire Beck while sipping coffee, hot cocoa, or tea. The kids can run around hitting piñatas, finding Willie Wonka size candy bars and candy canes and sitting on Santa’s lap. Here are a few photographs to enjoy. I hope to see you at the next telethon next year.


Paul Maur and Crew



Carl Wirkkala and the Ghost Town Boys



Clarissa Aaron



Claire Beck

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  1. Jamie, your write up made me cry. I never thought about what you were missing at Christmas while we were growing up. I am SO GLAD you came to Christmas JOY Telethon this year. It was so fun handing out candy and gifts with you. I am SO GLAD you got to enjoy a bit of Christmas with us. Next year will be even better and I know that next year you will be at my house helping us to enjoy the season even more! I love you!

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