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Small Things Matter

I’m writing this post while sitting at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital here in Vancouver Washington where I live. Thursday night I had emergency back surgery because my L-4-5 and L-4 parts of my back were out of whack and caused both of my legs from my buttocks to my toes to become numb. I could barely walk to Megan’s car, but I did it. I am a stubborn and determined woman at times.

This new adventure started on early Monday morning when I got out of bed to use the bathroom and was walking back when my back suddenly went out on me. It hurt badly, so I had to call for ambulance for help. The ER doctor didn’t know what was going on, so he did some x-rays which didn’t show anything. He gave me prescriptions of muscle relaxers and pain meds and sent me home. I was home for two days. When suddenly my left leg started doing the same thing as my right leg. The ER doctor gave me strict instructions of coming back if both of my legs were having the same issue. Turns out my disc was herniated with a rupture when the surgeon went in Thursday night. I’m thankful that I had a good surgeon. I am using a walker for now until I am more balanced and stronger. I have a feeling it won’t take me long.

I’m taking this as a learning experience and a chance to focus more on my health in different ways. I realize cardio is not in my future for exercise. For I must get my core stronger especially in my back. I want a strong back so I don’t have any more troubles with a herniated disc or another rupture. I have a feeling physical therapy will be in my future and I hope to find a trainer that will have the same mind set as I do. I love that my friend Karen is looking into a way that I can keep track of my food, blood sugar, oxygen, weight, movement without having to have different apps for these things. I need one simple tool I can edit and use. Perhaps, there is something I can use.

Last night while trying to sleep, 1000 MG of solumedrol kind of doesn’t allow much sleep to happen. I thought about the things that I am grateful for. Such as my Hello Kitty Pink soft fuzzy blanket. My friends who came to visit me and my family too.

I just saw the surgeon’s assistant. I am healing well. I am doing well. I will be having more physical therapy to build up my back muscles. So I am going to have to be persistent and follow through with this. I am happy to report that I will be getting rid of the catheter and I had a nice bowl movement last night before I went to sleep. Progress is being made. I am sitting up in a chair while typing the rest of this waiting for physical therapy to come by.

I am missing my Nicholas. My own bed. And just being in my own environment. I hope to be coming home sometime next week. Hopefully before Christmas.

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