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The Fear Cure

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I got a lot out of reading “The Fear Cure” by Lissa Rankin. This book came at just the right time. Fear, causes my heart to tremble every time I hear it or face it. Especially now that I am back in the hospital from a herniated disc that suddenly ruptured due to Prednisone usage for my Wegener’s and Rheumatoid arthritis. I know changes are a must if I am going to be active fit. I struggle. I know that my life needs to change for the better as I face 2015. I think my back was the warning sign that I needed to get my head out of my butt and get moving.

I love Rankin’s books and this one I loved because of her candid conclusion that you should embrace the fear because it can and will help you make healthy choices for better help. Facing fears allows you to stretch and become stronger and better than you thought you could ever be. Healing is actually in the mind. That is where our battles begin. That means to me that when I allow fear, resentment, depression, anxiety, or anything else rule me. It stops me from being proactive and lovingly taking care of myself. Read this book, read her other book too Mind Over Medicine. They are both awesome.

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