A New Year!

Happy New Year! The first day of the year. Yesterday, the last day of 2014 I drove 3 hours to Seattle to see my Rheumy Dr. Gardner. My awesome SIL and I left at 6:30 AM and got to my appointment by 9 AM a bit early but we got in to see Dr. G. early. He was happy to see me but sad to hear about my back challenge. Thankfully my doctors here in Vancouver WA and Seattle exchanged records quickly. This makes my life so much easier. My brain has felt a bit loopier with me taking the pain medications lately. The commencement of focusing on my words can officially begin. Though it truly stared on December 18th.

Physical therapy is going well. Jason from Touch Mark came. I like his optimistic approach. He and I talked about their Aquatic therapy program. I have been thinking about aquatic therapy for quite a while. I had some fears. The biggest fear my trach and the pool. Jason assured me that I would be able to do this. This makes me happy. I talked to Dr. G. about it. So after I am done with my home physical therapy I will get the necessary information needed so that I can do the aquatic therapy program at Touch Mark. After Touch Mark then I can move on to Marshall Pool. Movement is coming along nicely, don’t you think?

The exercises Jason is having me do are called beginning balancing exercises. He gave me a small packet with pictures and descriptions of the exercises. They looked so familiar to me. Guess what they should be. Because they are the same ones that I had to do while I was checked in at the therapy place after my two weeks in ICU back in 2014 from the surgery I gotten on my throat. Now I have two of these packets. I’m thinking of giving one of the packets to my friend who is beginning to teach and set up her own health fitness programs. Her name is Karen Clemenson and if you live in Longview you can go to Forever Fit Gym and she will get you measured for success.

I’m not liking walking with the walker or even being restricted to a five pound weight limit. Carrying water from the kitchen to the living room or my bedroom while using the walker is a challenge. I’m sure it is funny watching me trying to balance my cup or plate of food while maneuvering a walker. I’m learning to laugh. I am also learning to appreciate this tool that helps me walk longer distances without falling over or grabbing the wall or anything so I don’t fall. Whoever invented the walker, thank you so much. I’m just have not mastered the walker yet. I will though.

Today I will be embarking on a journey in finding the perfect planner for me. I need it to be a calendar, a place where I can keep track of my oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and my food intake. I’m hoping I can find something that will fit my needs. I also will be starting a new journal for my personal thoughts and spiritual journey too. I’m looking forward to seeing what next December will look like. On Wednesday January 7th I will be having my first throat surgery of the 5 or 6 I will be needing. Monday I will be seeing Dr. Anderson for my pre op appointment. I’m excited. I’m hoping that the ENT at Legacy that did the revision of my stoma have not messed up anything. If he did. I will be angry and I have no idea what my recourse will be.

So far the beginning is looking promising and despite the pain I am hopeful and truly thankful. Happy New Year. I hope 2015 will be a year of blessings for everyone who reads this.

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  1. Carmen says:

    I loved finding your blog. My daughter was diagnosed at 15 and is now 19 Thanks for telling us like it is but with optimism and hope.

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