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All That is Bitter & Sweet


I found another book on the giveaway table. “All that is Bitter & Sweet” by Ashley Judd. I have always enjoyed the Judd’s music legacy. So I was deeply intrigued by the fact Ashley Judd had other missions in life, such as helping those who were in the sex trafficking, aids, and those in needs in Africa and Central America. She laid out her emotions, shared her fears, frustrations, and recovery. I love the part where she talked about Shades of Hope. I have the book, I read it through once but never did the exercises in the book. That was a few years ago. I am thinking it is time to work through deeper many things that affect me. Now that my health is getting stronger and I want to recover fully. I can tell that Ashley is a humble, resilient, strong, and giving woman. That makes me respect her a lot. Thanks for sharing your struggles and your journey with the world.

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