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Deliciously Ella



Vegan cookbooks seem to be on my horizon. I’ve read a few of them in this journey of mine. I thought about it. I realize that I cannot handle certain foods. Even if I enjoy them. My body tells me that “girl, don’t eat that because it doesn’t nourish my body.” I have a rare auto-immune disorders. Yes, I am one of the amazing people in the world who fights 3 different auto-immune diseases. I will never be rid of the medications that keep my throat open, but I know that I can nourish my body to handle the chemo I have to take. I can do things that nourish and feed my mind, body, and soul. I struggle. It’s not easy. Triggers happen and I go to what I have done my entire life.

I read Deliciously Ella, by Ella Woodward. I find her recipes fascinating. The fudge recipe I definitely want to try. I love almond butter and dark chocolate. Who doesn’t? I have given this some thought. I don’t believe I will ever go completely Vegan or Paleo. Both I have heard and read and seen research that says it helps the body heal. I have come to the conclusion no eating plan fits everyone. Our bodies are so different. What I do know is that for me, especially right now in my life. I can commit to one Vegan meal a week. I can live without my beloved cheese and meat for one day in order to eat plenty of vegetables. I do know that a basically plant based eating plan nourishes the body better than eating crap all the time. Thinking I’m fueling my body. When it truly doesn’t. There are a couple more recipes that I hope to try in March during the one day a week Vegan days. Thanks for the inspiration. You can check out her blog for more recipe ideas.

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