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Feeling Hopeful.

I cannot believe that March is almost over. It went by fast. It always does when you are having fun, right? I had lots of fun in March. I am happy to report that I accomplished 4 of the 6 goals I set for myself.

What I didn’t accomplish was making an eye doctor appointment. I haven’t made the phone call yet, but I do have the card of a doctor I want to see. I need to make sure he takes my insurance. I didn’t start Aquatic therapy. I’m not sure what the heck is going on. I did however sign up with my friend’s wellness business to send me texts reminding me to move. Her name is Karen G. Clemenson and she runs Wellness Works NW. She is positive and passionate about her job. You should check out her Facebook page and her website. Be inspired like I am. My goal is getting into Aquatic therapy, but I have a feeling that in order to make this happen I am going to have to find a different way of getting it done.

What I accomplished: I set out to cook 5 recipes this month from the cookbook I received for Christmas from one of my sisters. Diane Sanifillipos book “Practical Paleo”. I made 4 recipes. I enjoyed most of them. I enjoyed the Indian Spiced Turkey burgers and the Broc-Cauli soup. Yum!

I have been having my apartment maintained and it feels wonderful. I’m proud of my home now. It feels amazing. A few times this month I have eaten a vegetarian meal.

I am sticking to a sleep schedule, though because of my insomnia issues due to my illness it has been a challenge. I hate taking my trazadone for sleeping because I end up sleeping for 12 to 16 hours. I have things I want to get done, so this is not good. I have bought some herbal sleep tea that isn’t sleepy time tea, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I feel great about March. I have made some steps towards progress and this has shown me that I am capable of reaching my health goals.

My goals for April:

April will be upon us in a few days. I am baffled by this. Time sure flies fast. I have four goals this month. Then I also found something that I want to incorporate into my life that I read in Deepak Chopra’s book “What are you hungry for?” I will be review this book for my blog after I am done reading it. But first here are my goals:

  • I will be going to the class I have written about a few times on my blog. The Living Well with Chronic Illness class that is run by Stanford University. I’m excited that Vancouver, Washington Peace Health Hospital will be having this class starting on April 28th. And that I will be able to take this class with two of my best buddies Summer and Karen. Karen and Summer have the Wellness Works NW business along with helping with my blog through Exclaim Media. I’m eager to take this class and learn even more valuable information.


  • I received a free yearlong magazine subscription of the “Eating Well” magazine. There are a lot of health crockpot recipes and other gems that I hope to learn from. My goal is to complete 4 to 5 recipes that I have collected through the years and from this magazine.


  • I am getting bored with doing just the balance exercises that I received from physical therapy. I am ready for something a bit different. While watching PBS in the early morning hours. I stumbled up Miranda Estmonde-White’s TV show classical stretch. I love it. It isn’t on every morning on PBS, but I found her website and I want to get her DVD and start doing the movements. I have incorporated some help through text messages from Summer and Karen to remind me to move and to get on me if I don’t. Though I am a bit stubborn like I was for a couple of days. I was dealing with a flare and didn’t feel like moving. It hurt. The flare is under control now, thankfully.


  • I need to make an eye doctor appointment. I also will be embarking on weaning myself off of the trach. So those two are one goal. With my autoimmune disorders getting my eyes checked is important. I haven’t done it in two years. I think I have a place I want to go to, but I will have to check to see if they take my insurance.

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  1. i am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

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