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March Madness



I cannot believe that March is here. It is time for me to share my goals for March. February was a failure, because I was triggered by many emotional situations that happened in my life. It’s a new month and another opportunity to rock my goals.

  • Prepare 5 recipes from my Practical Paleo cookbook by Diane Sanfilippo. ( I have chosen blueberry lemon muffins, Indian spiced turkey burgers, Broc-cauli chowder with bacon, Brussel sprouts with fennel, and Greek salad with avo-ziki dressing. I will post my results on my Facebook page and Twitter and of course on the blog.
  • Make an eye doctor appointment. (With my diseases I have to get my eyes checked every six months. I haven’t done it in a couple of years. It is time.)
  • Have a sleep schedule. (Sleep is important. I do not have a time I go to bed or a time I get up. I need to so that I can get some things done in my day time life.)
  • Eat a vegan meal 1 day a week. (I don’t eat enough vegetables. I must incorporate more veggies in my eating plan. A plant based eating plan is good for you, so I figure I can eat a plant based meal once a week until I get used to it.)
  • Aquatic therapy (I have a new plan, since my doctor and Touchmark are not working together for me. I found that the Marshall Center has a pool and they offer Yoga in the water and other exercise classes in the water. I’m going to purchase a swimsuit and look into the cost of a membership at Marshalls.)
  • Maintain my home with my nephews help. (My home environment keeps me inspired to do better with my living situation. I believe it does. Because when I am stressed and not doing well then my home is a clutter mess, but when I am doing well my home is clutter free.)
  • Get my size 4 trach so I can start the weaning off process so I can remove my trach. (I have a prescription that I need filled so I can get wean myself off of the trach. I hope to have it removed soon.)


These are my goals for March. I’m inspired to rock it this month.

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