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How Do I Breathe?

I am still in awe to the fact that I have been trach free for 7 days. Last Tuesday March 31st, I go the surprise of my life when Dr. Anderson took my trach out permanently. I was expecting to start the plugging process. To be truthful I was scared of the plugging process because I tried plugging on my own and I couldn’t do it. But when the trach was out while I was cleaning I breathed just fine. I kept thinking the fact that I couldn’t plug meant I would have to live forever with a trach. I didn’t.


I’m getting used to not having to plug the trach in order to talk to someone. Or sounding like a metal robot every time I talked. I sound like myself again. I am not having to clean the trach or do any of the maintenance that I have been doing for the 4 years I have had the trach. I was surprised at how fast the stoma closed up. It took two days, it is not completely healed. To be completely healed takes two months. I am in awe of all the different smells, the good and the bad that surround me. I am loving the fact that I can smell the essential oils that I have. I still love the smell of peppermint, cinnamon, and lavender.

As for movement, my heart rate is high when I walk long distances. The highest it has gone is 160. I am getting a dilation surgery again. I will probably have to get dilations periodically in my life in order for my trachea to stay open. I am okay with that. If it will keep me alive and kicking then I will do it. Just like I do the Rituximab chemo treatment every six months in order to keep the inflammation in my joints and throat under control. This is my life. I am not cured. I am better than when this whole journey began in 2009. I am reminded of all the ups, turns, twists, and downs that have happened in my life. All of these things have gotten me to this place in my life that makes sense. That allow me to breathe and to take better care of myself.

I know that I posted about my goals a few days before my trach came out. One of my goals was to start the plugging process. I had to redo a few of my goals. Challenges and a change of goals happen and it is okay to stop what you had planned and do a different set of goals.

The ones that will still be the same are:

  • Going to the first class of “Living Well with Chronic Conditions” that starts on April 28th until June. I am doing this with my friends Summer and Karen.
  • Complete 5 recipes


The new goals to be added include:

  • Walk down to the rec room once a day. Rest halfway to get my heart rate under control until my heart rate gets to a normal range.
  • Read and do my bible study “Whispers of Hope: 70 days of prayer” by Beth Moore
  • Check out Spark People a place on the Internet to inspire people with disabilities to move at their own pace. Thanks Brian for sharing this information with me.

Until next time enjoy every breathe you take. Hugs.

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  1. Keep on inspiring My Friend! I love you! I am so happy for you!

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