“Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand a true life story of brave men, in particularly one man Louie and he survived, endured, and found hope through the shittiest parts of life. The story of Louie deeply inspired and encouraged me.

While in the hospital last week, my brother came to spend some time with me while waiting for me to recover. He had “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand in his satchel. He was telling me about his wellness program at his job and that one of the programs they had was a book club. A book club spiked my interest greatly, because I come from a family of readers. My birth family and my adoptive family read tons of books. I love that I can share this with both sides of my family. It makes me feel connected to them. I had to share about a book club for the wellness program with my friends because they have a wellness company. I think it is awesome that part of the company’s wellness plan is reading and encouraging one another.

Louie’s story of survival, endurance, abuse, and redemption spoke true to my heart. I felt like I have been going through the same thing with my own health journey that began in 2009. I’m now just beginning to get back to my old self, with a few minor wear and tear spots and a whole new appreciation and perception about what my life is like with God.

The sheer stubbornness and rebellion spoke to my heart too. I’m a stubborn lady and I know my stubbornness was an asset as I kept on fighting. It was an asset to Louie and the many men who were in the POW camps and were being severely abused. Having your dignity taken away can catapult you into a sense of self abuse and allowing others to harm you. It’s a sheer will fight not to allow someone to take away your dignity while under their charge. I think that is the part of the story that struck me the most. How all the men who were in POW camps kept their dignity while men like The Bird and other camp authorities were trying to beat it, deprive them of a sense of worth and value as human beings.

I hope everyone will pick this book up and be inspired. I am looking forward to watching the movie that has been directed by Angelina Jolie. I have it in my Netflix Queue. I hope I am able to get it soon.

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