In 2014 there was a movie out called “Cake” starring Jennifer Aniston that focused on a woman who lived with chronic pain. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see this movie since it hits so close to home with my own journey with my illness. Life changes when you get sick or a life altering painful moment comes crashing into your life. I decided recently to watch “Cake”. I am glad that I did. I was quite impressed how Aniston portrays a woman dealing with physical pain and even some mental pain with the loss of her friend who commits suicide.

I love how honest the writers and acting was in “Cake”. Especially in how relationships change, how the person dealing with the pain and illness changes in their personality and how everything in their life alters them. I love the ending where you see Aniston character not give up by a simple act of putting her car sit up in the sitting position.

If you want to understand someone who is living with a chronic condition then watch “Cake”. It gives you the truth of what it is like with the aspects of how marriage relationships change, how angry the person is and how they do not know how to ask for the help they are needing, but in the end learns to ask for it. I give this movies 5 stars from the Netflix rating system. And if you are someone with a chronic condition then you will be amazed at how much Aniston plays the role and you will feel heard. I know I understood.

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