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How To Love Yourself (and sometimes Other people)




Love, this one word sends my heart racing with negativity. My skin crawls with heebie jeebies. Because I think the human race has gotten it wrong. The sacred love that connects us to each other is missing a lot of the time. Even to our own selves. It is sad. Reading “How to love yourself (and sometimes others) by Megan Watterson and Lodro Rinzler gave inspired me to go deeper into what it means to love who I am. At the beginning of 2015 I picked a few words that I was going to focus on. One of those words was surrender. Reading this book I realize that one of the big things I had to surrender to was LOVE. Gulp! This is a bit scary to me, but I am sure that God will walk beside me on this one.

If you want to feel connected to your soul and God this is the book that needs to be read. Along with Watterson’s book Revealed. I was lucky enough to read this book too. These both are excellent.

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