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Whispers of Hope



For the past 70 days I have been reading the devotional by Beth Moore called “Whispers of Hope: 10 weeks of devotional prayer”. I saw this book at the grocery store Winco on a shopping trip I took with my sister in law. I thought I need to read this book. I need to focus on my praying life. I want to communicate with God. I want to be able to pray like a warrior. You know those prayer warriors in church or anywhere that simply know how to say the right things to God and even how to praise him with such freedom, love, devotion, and confidence. That is how I wanted to pray. I am in no way up to that speed, but I am closer than I was. In a few of Moore’s daily readings. I felt my heart yearning and being taught a new perspective. That is what you get when you read Moore’s books. You learn about your own heart and how to connect in a loving and healthy relationship with our Jesus. I am glad that I spent the $15 dollars to buy this book.

If you are in need of a new devotional to read. This is one that is worthy of being considered. Let’s keep praying for each other, ourselves, and just communicating our love and thankfulness to our creator.

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