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Devotions For a Healthier You



For the last 71 days I have been reading the devotional “Devotions for a Healthier You” by Katie Farrell. Surrendering, nutrition, movement are just a few of the words I decided to focus on for 2015. I thought this devotional by Farrell would aide me on that quest. It did. The first devotional was about giving it all to God. I thought this was an excellent point to make about any life-style change that you want to make in your life. You have to be willing to give it to God, let him lead you through it. I am not always good at surrendering and letting God lead me through the challenging and frustrating changes I want to or need to make in my life. I keep hear baby steps, baby steps Jamie. One change at a time. This frustrates me because I want to make a lot of changes and in narrowing them down to just one step at a time seems pointless to me. I have to change that strain of thought. God didn’t conquer the many wars of Israel by one big swoop. He led people to their victories with small steps. He did this with Moses, Noah, Jesus, and many others of the Bible. Along with reading this devotional, I have also been reading through my bible. I’m on my 4th read through. I’m learning a lot each time I am reading through. This devotional opened up a lot of things to me. Heck, it even shared some recipes that I did try. Like the crock-pot Greek Chicken. I tweaked it a bit, but the basic concept is still there. I recommend this book. It is worth the 2 ½ months to devote to a healthier me. I think you are worth it too.

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