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Learning Wisdom

Last Sunday morning, I started a new course in my bible reading. I have read through the bible 3 times and I feel like I need to be dedicated into an actual study. This time around I decided to read Psalms and Proverbs. Yes, at the same time. One chapter a day until they are read.

Proverbs is a book of wisdom that Solomon wrote. He was after all a wise man. When God asked him what he wanted, he asked for wisdom so he could lead his people. I want wisdom too. I always have. Possessions and power were never my thing. Relationship is. Part of having a good and healthy relationship is wisdom. The wisdom to know when to speak, when to be quiet, when to be active, and most importantly to leave the narcissistic self out of it.

Sunday morning, I read Proverbs chapter one along with Psalms 1. This verse popped out at me. It gave me pause to think about my own situations and path. And where and how I am going to get to the healthy place I want to be at.

Proverbs 1:5

The wise also will hear and increase in learning, and the person of understanding will acquire skill and attain to sound counsel so that he may be able to steer his course rightly.

My course, my path, acknowledging God’s hand in my path or course is an obvious step, but what are the other things I can do to make it right or healthy. I’m thinking in sight of my goals and relationships with others. I believe God created us to be relational even when it gets messy and ugly at times. Because along with the messy and ugly comes the beautiful connections we feel with each other. Harmony, teamwork, and loving each other the way God created us to be. Love with kindness and respect for each other’s choice, opinions, and differences. We weren’t created to all think and be robots. I love that about God. He could have created a robot world, but he didn’t.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my path to staying in remission will look like. There is so much information about what people think and believe constitutes good health. There are so many studies that support each person’s claim. I am a learner by heart. I research and read a lot about nutrition, moving, and staying in remission for my illnesses. I get overwhelmed and I sometimes feel like saying screw this. No one agrees. Everyone is arguing and discrediting each other. What is right? I don’t know. I don’t have the answers. I realize that I can continue to garner great ideas from the things I can read, but I have to have the wisdom to choose what will work for me. If I don’t do anything and just got on a pig out smorgasbord than that is killing me slowly and I am not living a great life.

While talking to my nephew while he was washing my dishes for me he commented by saying Daniel chose not to eat the rich diet of the king and go on a different type of eating plan. It proves right there what is healthy for his people. Daniel ate vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish, and didn’t participate in the decadent diet of the king and his men. What does this tell me? To me, this tells me that cutting out the rich foods, which I’m not exactly sure what that is because they don’t give a food by food description in Daniel for the rich foods or the things Daniel and his men ate, but I can use my own wisdom that God has provided for me and follow my own guidelines.

Eating a ton of vegetables and limiting the meat in your diet clearly helps the body heal and be healthy. There is no denying that truth. And I am not going to make a big declaration to the world saying I will no longer eat rich foods, because truth be told. I am going to indulge as a treat rich foods, but not every single day for every meal that I eat. My caregiver Kelly keeps telling me baby steps one step at a time. I find myself cringing when she says this. I am not holding it against her at all. I just know that she speaks wisdom. I know my eating habits are not going to change overnight and failure is going to happen. But the fact that I can choose to eat wisely for my condition is an option and that I have the best encourager there is to have, God, to back me up and pick me up again.

Question for my readers, have you read proverbs? What have you learned about yourself while reading Proverbs?

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