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BenaBella Plant Based Eating



I haven’t wrapped my mind around plant based eating. It’s complicated. Change is hard. I do know that I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to get the weight off so that I can move better. I may not breathe better because of the Vasculitis disease or my RA, but I can keep from letting the diseases degenerate my body worse than it is now.

BenBella’s Best of Plant Based Eating is a book that has gathered some cooks, authors, and pioneers in the forms of doctors and nutritionists who swear by plant based eating. I also have read Daniel and when Daniel is taken by the king for his court. He refuses to eat the king’s heavy foods and decides to eat plant base. He had to make a deal with the authorities in order to do so. You know what happened, they were stronger and healthier than the men who ate the heavy foods of the king.

Looking through this book I saw some recipes that I am willing to try that are plant based. A few of them I will have to change the ingredients because they either had tomatoes or peppers in them. My body does not like peppers or tomatoes. That can easily be done.

This is a great introduction to plant based eating and I would recommend it for someone who is just starting out, like me.

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