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Shift For Good



I read a book called “Shift for Good” by Tory Johnson. I found this book helpful, not only for weight loss, but also for the transition I am going through right now.

In June, I was told I am in remission from the Vasculitis disease Wegener’s. Thankfully, the Rituximab that I have been getting has worked. The doctor told me straight out that I can now focus on a different aspect of my life. I have felt at a loss ever since. That is why I have chosen to seek counseling for this new mind set I must have for my life.

In “Shift for Good” Tory explains her own journey of after losing the weight she had to lose the loss she felt afterwards. Losing weight didn’t cure everything. Neither did the fad diets fix her body either. She set herself up by making a flexible plan and went exploring. I love that.

This is an uplifting and inspirational story. I found her story helpful in my own in finding the transition of always being focus on my illness to focusing on something else. It is time to make a plan to be flexible and then do it.

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