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The Best Yes




Yes, I read another Lysa Terkeurst book. This time I read “The Best Yes”. As usual I got a lot of helpful gems. Often times people quote to me “Let your yes’ be yes and your no’s be no. In Terkeurst book she is advocating seeking God and taking time before making commitments in your life. I know I am guilty of saying yes before asking Jesus if that is what I am supposed to be doing. Often times I am wrong and it turns into a huge chaotic mess, especially in my relationships.

While reading “The Best Yes” I started seeing my own identity in Jesus. This year I chose surrender as one of my focus words for 2015. I realized that I have not surrendered to my own identity. Accepting that I am a child of God. Even in my diseased infested state of my life. I am still a Child of Jesus. I have my own authentic, creative, and beautifully complexed body and soul that no one else has in the world. We are all that way. I am so quick to say I am a child of Jesus, but ___. Instead of owning and cherishing the fact that I am wonderfully and beautifully made.

This study in learning what my yes’s should be and being okay when I have to say no has helped me being in the growth mind-set that I want to be in. I will be posting about the growth mind-set in the future. My writing stems from one of the quotes I got from this book. I hope you ladies out there will pick it up and spend some quality time with this wonderful book and with Jesus and you.

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