Dried Bones

Recently, I read Ezekiel 37:1-10 where God takes Ezekiel to a place where human bones are and he tells Ezekiel to prophesy over them. He tells him to speak them to life. Reading this, I was struck with awe. I have always heard the phrase and even the popular song by Toby Mac “Speak Life” but I hadn’t put it into a perspective that gave me chills in my own bones. God tells us to talk to dry bones, meaning when we feel dead and not alive and tell people they have the power from God to speak life into someone’s life. Every single word we decide to say to ourselves and others can kill them or it can allow them to breathe new life into their lives and allow them to conquer with Jesus. Speak truth, speak life, and do it with intention and the authority of God. That is the lesson here. Don’t be idle or even negative with your speech. Our tongues are powerful. God created them that way. We can speak truth and still be kind and respectful. We don’t have to be cruel and mean in order to be understood. We have to speak a language that is difficult for us human’s to speak. We have to speak with Love, confidence, and power with intention. The way God created communication to be. As you can probably tell, I am on my third year of reading through the Bible with purpose. Each time, I read through I pray for understanding and have God point out verses or lessons he wants me to learn. I think speaking life into my own bones and to others is a lesson that I needed to learn. How about you?

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