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The Art of Sign Language Phrases



My neighbor gave me a book called “The Art of Sign Language Phrases” by Christopher Brown after I told him about my goal of learning sign language. I want to learn sign language in order to prepare for the possibility of losing my ability to speak with a permanent trach. Recently, I watched a DVD by Renee Moore about Basic Sign Language and I realized that I am capable of learning to use my hands to speak for me.

In the excellent book there are simply phrases that we use daily to talk to each other, along with the alphabet. This will be a great reference book for me to use when I need it. I’m practicing with just learning the alphabet for now. It would be awesome to be able to talk to someone using my new skills. I didn’t realize how quickly it would take me to learn to use my hands. With the alphabet I see that some of the finger movements actually do look like the letters we right out. For those in my close net of friends who want to learn sign language along with me this is a great reference book I would recommend.

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