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Defying Normal



Recently I was given an opportunity to review Skip Heitzig’s book “Defying Normal”. I wasn’t sure what I would gather for my arsenal for my bag of tools that I am building. You see, I have a couple of auto-immune issues that live me with severe breathing issues and in fact, I am facing the possibility of losing my ability to speak and movement issues. So I am anything but Normal and I’m also defying normal when I walk around or roll around and sound like a fog horn when I breathe or when I choose to not be angry and stay proactive when it comes to by care. I liked that Heitzig used Daniel as his hero, because I just finished reading through Daniel and I felt a kinship. At a young age, my life changed drastically from being in my home that I had known and then having my mom died and moving in with a new family, with new rules, and new conditions. I have not quite heard Daniels story portrayed in the way that Heitzig put it, in which Daniel had a quiet, graceful dedication to God and an authentic life. That he challenged, but also prayed to God without asking for much for himself, but for others and he became a big time government guy for several kings and kindsdoms.

I walked away from what I have read with a new tool for my bag to help me gracefully handle being ill, to be able to refocus, dedicate, process, and even to think perhaps I can help encourage and teach those with Chronic conditions about Jesus, living well, and being proactive in their challenges. I do pray, but I never felt graceful at it or like I was making a connection to God. I also know what Heitzig means when he says that some people who pray out loud in public are just doing it to hear their own head rattle or talking to themselves. I know the importance of relationship and I loved that aspect of Heitzigs book where he pointedly leads his readers to value their relationship with their creator. I know this value. And the tools at the end of each chapter, where there are direct questions to help the readers dive deeper into their relationship with Jesus I felt was an especially awesome touch.

I know I am going to reread “Defying Normal” because it is one of those books where each time you read it you pick up a new insight. I hope you will take the time and check it out.

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