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Girl Meets Change




Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong fell into my life at the exact moment that I am going through some big changes in my own life. My life started to change when someone that I loved deeply and spent a lot of time with for ten years passed away form complications from Diabetes. Then I started making thoughtless mistakes that forever changed who I was. First mistake I made was allowing a certain guy that I thought cared about me and thought of me as a friend take hold of my life. I was used to having a man in my life and I stupidly allowed him to invade my heart and soul. Then someone close to me left my life for 6 years. We both had a lot of growth to go through before she and I could be good friends again. I’m thankful that Jesus brought her back into my life.

Like the author I hate change. Especially when it concerns relationships, especially when a person I have grown to love and use to decides to leave my life I freak out and become morose. Despite the knowledge in my heart and soul that my guy friend needed to leave and that we weren’t able to maintain a friendship anymore. It was hard for me to let go. Five years later, I am happy to say that I have let go. My grief over this relationship is complete. I’m able to see the blessing of his leaving.

Another huge change that happened, was getting sick with Wegener’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Wegener’s affected my trachea. Causing scar tissue to start growing 10 CM from my voice box. I had to wear a trach for 4 years. I have had to undergo 100 surgeries on my trachea in a 5 year period. I’m still under the changes that often happens to my body daily. I have another big change that will be happening within a year. Having another major surgery, one where they will be cutting out the affected area of my trachea and then reattaching it. I’m scared to death. I’m also trusting God to lead me through this surgery and the major changes it will causes.

Strong’s book suggests allowing yourself to grief, to express your emotions, to express it to God and to the inner circle of your family and friends. To ultimately communicate my fears, my anger, and especially my reluctance in having to deal with a defective body.

I read this book in the perfect time. I haven’t been able to express my pain and frustrations. I felt like a treasure chest that just locked shut and was buried under a ton of muck. I lost my joy of writing for my blog, journaling, and even sharing my pain with others. Since I have read this book, I wrote a deeply personal blog post and started a challenge where you are thankful for your body, your emotions, and other things that God created. It’s a 30 day challenge. I’m beginning to see my treasure chest opening up again.

I think anyone who reads this amazing book will gain a ton of insightful help to help you accept and work through the changes in your life.

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