Shame seems to be running rapid in our society, especially among women. Especially when it comes to sexual abuse, harassment, or even comparing ourselves with each other or the media.

I deal with shame. I deal with it with my illness that leaves me feeling inadequate and disgraceful every time I go to the store, or any public place. I’m different, I have to use a wheelchair and I sound different when I breathe than anyone else I know. Accepting that this is now my new normal has been a hard journal. Thinking of myself as beautiful, wonderfully made, worthy of love has been a huge struggle for me. I know God tells me these exact things, but it is hard to trust that this is true when I am struggling so much just to live, just to breathe through small moments in my life.

This book, Overcomer by Aubrey Gayel Sampson brought many things to light for me. That I am not the only women, person who struggles with shame, with defeat, with feeling weak in their own life. It’s a human struggle.

I have many women in my life I would like to read this book. I hope that they will. And explore their struggle with shame and guilty…

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