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The Better Health Tracker


A couple of weeks ago I received from the Arthritis Foundation the “Better Living Health Tracker” booklet they offered me for free in an email. When I ordered the tracker I wasn’t sure what I was getting. All I have to say is that I am glad that I ordered it. This dandy book guides me to being more mindful of my body and my joints. They use the Rapid 3 point system that my Rheumatologist and other doctors use to evaluate their patients. I love the point system method. I love that I am able to make weekly goals. I love that I can mark on my body where I’m hurting and give my pain and my well-being a number that I can tell my health care team. It makes my job of proactive communicator a lot easier. I’m able to process, know, understand, and then to communicate my levels in a clear fashion. I also love that they have tips of the week on their pages in different areas of my life. Although, RA is not my only disease I am fighting against, and unfortunately my trachea obstacles leave me not being able to walk or do many of the cardio exercises I need for my joints. I am happy to say that I am moving in slow movements so that I do not have atrophied joints and muscles. I truly think that those of us suffer from pain even if it isn’t arthritis pain should have this tracker booklet so that we can assess our own pain levels and then communicate those levels to our health care team.

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