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Another Month Has Bit The Dust



Another month has hit the dust. Wow, can you believe that 2016 will be upon on us in one month? I enjoyed November. I met a new friend. I started the process towards my throat resectioning. I made a decision about exercise that was hard to come to. Since, exercise due to my throat issues is impossible. I am letting the goal, that dream goal until after I get my resectioning surgery. Then I will rock my body with exercise. In the meantime, I will focus on eating well for my body. Diets don’t work. I know that my eating habits have to be lifetime changes. It can’t be temporary.

My goals for November were simple:

  • Color for relaxation.
  • Go for walk with my wheel chair and Kelly and on bike path
  • Eat four plant based meals
  • Make 4 smoothies
  • Journal


I accomplished three of my goals. I didn’t go for a walk my caregiver and I didn’t make any smoothies. It is too cold. I did eat some plant based meals. I enjoyed them. I also started journaling and I colored for relaxation.


My goals for December

  • Pick my focus words for 2016. I started making a list. But now it is time to dwindle it down and pick a couple that I can accomplish. For 2015 I picked Surrender, Proactive, Nutrition, self-care, movement, and serve.
  • Aim to move my body more by waking outside in my wheelchair and take pictures.
  • I’m having my infusion on the 4th, so prepare some meals for the week I will feel yucky.
  • Play a board game night with some friends.
  • Get a deck of cards

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