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I got a new device. A friend was not using his Asus tablet with windows ten, so he gave it to me. I was excited. Because I’ve been looking into getting one for myself for when I am not able to speak after my surgery. God works in mysterious ways. While exploring my new device I discovered Health Vault. An awesome app that allows me to keep track of a lot of my medical needs, my prescriptions, my peak flow, my blood sugars, my eating habits, my weight, and exercise. There are a ton more things too, but I cannot remember them all. I like Health Vault a lot better than Myfitness Pal. It took me a moment to maneuver because I am new to the program, but I like that it is simple. You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to figure it out. I also like that I can write in my own exercises and I can keep track of my blood sugars and peak flow readings in one simple place. I will still write down my peak flow readings on my chart because I do not know how I would share the info with my doctor but hey I’m okay with that. This is an excellent tool for those of us with chronic illness. Especially if we want to reach our wellness goals.


Yesterday I had a great opportunity to spend some time with some amazing friends. Karen runs Wellness Works NW and she is the wife of my best friend. I asked her to help me with the new App program. They in return have asked me to write articles for the website Wellness Works NW. Please go to this website explore, learn, and share your thoughts with us. They would love to hear from you. We were talking about our wellness goals and what we want. I realize that I want a couple of things. First, I do want to lose weight. I want to be healthy. I want to walk and run and play with vigor. Second, I want to show those who abandoned me and treated me poorly that I am healthy and happy and that I didn’t need them. That I am strong, capable, smart, and I can rock at life. I especially want to show this to four people. Two of them I love a lot, still but differently. Because I realize that they were toxic. They were emotionally abusive. That we do not encourage, support, and know how to be friends or family with each other. This still hurts, but I am stronger and I can see things so clearly. I want to show them that they too can have a healthy life. Yes, it is hard, but living in fantasy land is even harder. Love is more than just physical and what the other person can do for you. Thirdly, I want to be able to be strong enough to do the goals I have set out for myself in my life. My book, yes, I am still writing it, but my story is not ready to be told. I have one more mountain to climb. The major surgery with my resectioning of my trachea. Then I will be a writing machine. I also, and am currently writing my articles. I also want to teach others how to seek wellness goals, whatever they may be. That is possible that you can achieve them and be well.

That is my biggest goal. Be well my friends… Stay warm…. And if you are vertical then you are blessed. Breathe!

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