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Hope For Chronic Illness


30 days


I was given an opportunity to read a fantastic book by Elizabeth Evans called “30 Days of Hope for Strength in Chronic Illness”. Reading, I felt a deep kinship with Evans. We both suffer from some sort of “breathing” issue. Hers is CF that affects her lungs. Mine is my trachea caused by my Wegener’s. We are both facing surgeries that can and will change our lives. Her, a double lung transplant, mine removing 2 to 3 inches of my trachea and reattaching it. Both scary surgeries, but we both have God on our side. We both trust Jesus to carry us through our health, life, and other battles that come up. Each day’s readings gave a sense of peace, purpose, and hope in their message. I firmly believe, no matter what your chronic condition is, this book will give you the right dose of hope and peace to face with Jesus your battle and challenges. I highly recommend this book. This book came at just the exact right moment that I needed to be reminded. Thank you!

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