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I Am Part of the Queendom



I have been following Kim Antieau for many years. Since 2003 when my sister Joy introduced me to her blog “Furious Spinner”, which is no longer available and she has a new website. I love Kim’s style and her passion for writing, nature, and healing. Antieau uses story as a wave of healing. That is why I chose to be a member of the “Queendom” and read her fabulous story. I wanted a since of healing of my soul that I don’t get from reading my non-fiction books. Since I have been diagnosis with my illness’s I have been reading non-fiction. I can’t remember getting lost in a story world in a long time. When I was younger I loved reading different fiction and non-fiction books. I had a good balance. I somehow have lost that balance on my quest of healing. Part of healing is being able to use stories to help you forget the pain, frustrations, and feelings that seem to come out of nowhere.

Here is my recommendation: go to Amazon and purchase Kim Antieau’s e-books “Queendom: Feast of the Saints parts 1-5” and get lost in the story. I prove the first part in the links on the picture, so I can get you started. It will be worth it. After finishing this story world, dive into another one of her stories.

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