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Possible Change Of Plans




Thursday afternoon I had my appointment with Dr. Anderson from Anderson, Ear, Nose, and Throat to get the results of my CT scan. I think, just by how he is hesitating he is a bit nervous about the resectioning surgery. Heck, I understand, I am too. A few years ago we talked about doing a laser surgery cutting out the scar tissue and then injecting metamyacin C to stop cell growth. For some reason that never happened, but he is thinking that he wants to try this procedure before the cutting a piece of my trachea out and reattaching it. Currently until after the Christmas season he is researching how to keep me breathing while lasering. Since my trachea is small by birth anyway, how will the fiber optics and everything fit inside and keeping me breathing work? He thinks a temporary trach. He wants to talk to some anesthesiologists first before we make this the new plan.

At first, I was a bit annoyed. I felt like this is more stalling and more waiting and more breathing difficulties and I want it fixed now. Upon thinking about it I realize that I am a planner, Dr. Anderson is a planner and he doesn’t want to work fast. This is a serious thing that needs to be planned out, every step, and every move, ever person on the time needs to be sought and given a heads up about the challenge ahead. I get that. I will patiently with a thankful heart wait until January before I call Dr. Anderson and see what he has decided.

In the meanwhile, he made a copy of my CT scan. You can see how tiny my trachea is. It’s the size of a straw. Now, I can show an actual visual picture so people will understand.

I am still resting for my last infusion. I am thinking I need them more often. I just need to talk to my Rheumy doctor about it. I am waiting to write the email to him until after my chemo brain has lifted. I am in the stage of chemo brain where I forget what I am saying in the middle of talking or I forget what I am doing. This is not my normal. I hate it. Foggy brain is no fun.

Thankfully, the flooding has not affected me much. There was a tornado near where I live in Battleground Washington, but it didn’t affect me at all. It did affect my caregiver and her home, but thankfully there was no damage. We are having some crazy weather. It is raining right now and it doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. Such a contrast to this summer’s weather of hot and dry.

Remember to breathe and enjoy this season.

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