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What I am Learning!

If you are a friend or a follower of mine on Facebook or Twitter then you know that last week I went on a new adventure. I had to find a replacement for one of the best caregivers I have had since I became sick. I’m sad to see her go, but she is on a new adventure of her own, RN school. I know she will rock it. I believe I found a great replacement. Yes, I was open to having a man becoming my caregiver. My new one will start at the end of February. I’m hopeful this will work out well for us both.

Yesterday, I went to my primary doctor because I noticed that my right foot was changing color. Plus I needed to ask for a couple of referrals one for my back and one for a Rheumatologist here in Vancouver. Traveling to Seattle has become an inconvenience for me and my family. I don’t drive, and I have to ask for rides. I live 3 hours away from Seattle and so it was an all-day project for a doctor appointment that was only 20 minutes. I trust my primary, she lead me to my ENT. She recommended two doctors for me. Due to the fact that I am not able to move well my feet are having an issue of moving the blood properly back up into my body. The pulses are great in my feet and they are both still numb from the toes up to the middle of my feet. Thankfully, I am not having any edema yet. I know what edema looks like and it is scary. I don’t want that. She gave me some tips to keep that from happening. I am to keep my feet up and when I see it change color get up and move or just move my feet. I think I can do that.

I have already decided that I need to put movement back into my life. I miss it. I know that cardio, walking, running, any treadmill, elliptical, or anything similar is not going to be part of my workout plan. I can however focus on strength training. I am fortunate that my apartment has a gym and it is easy for me to get to it. I have been reading some great stuff on strength training. I also found some great videos so that I can see what I need to do. It is important for us spoonies to include it in our life. Here is why?

  1. Moving our body helps our bodies pump the blood through our body so we do not end up with edema and other circular issues.
  2. Moving helps combat depression, anxiety, and our attitudes.
  3. It is good for our bones and skeletal body.


Since I decided to start focusing on my wellness I have lost 13 pounds. That was a happy note from yesterday. Realizing that I have made some improvements. That losing weight is possible and being open allows me to explore and learn what I need to and that worshiping with Jesus before I start my day helps me to stay focus.

Here are some great resources that will show you why strength training is a valuable program to include into your exercise routine. And why moving and taking care of our circulation is valuable too.

Mayo Clinic Strength Training Videos

NCHPAD.Org info for those of us with Chronic conditions and wanting to do strength training.

CDC.gov statistics on the affects of strength training and chronic illnesses.

Human kinetics  on flexibility. Great stuff.

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