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On a quest to find a novel to read, since I have been focusing reading non-fiction for a period of time. I craved a story that I could get lost in. Sometimes this girl needs a novel to get lost in, to forget my troubles, while snuggling with her fur baby and drinking some hot tea. “Out To Lunch” by Stacey Ballis was just the novel I needed. A surprise find at the Dollar Tree here in Vancouver Washington. For a dollar, it was a great reason to take a chance on an author I have never read. What caught my attention at the store was the recipes in the back of the book and the story line.

Two friends, who are best friends who did everything together. One of them has an autoimmune disease and passes away leaving a husband that needs taking care of. Before you read too much into this sentence, this is not a romance novel. This is a story of two people who lost the same person they loved and they become friends. I love it. I’m glad that I took a chance on this novel.

Because I like to learn from what I read, whether Fiction or Non-fiction I am going to share just that:

  1. Don’t judge a person by their outward appearance. Jenna and Wayne weren’t that keen on each other. Jenna was a chef who loves cooking and Wayne was a simple man who just liked 11 things to eat and was a bit of an oddball. They learned to like each other and work together.
  2. Sometimes the person we think is great, really isn’t that great at all. Beauty can be deceiving.
  3. Good food helps build great connections. Food is for the soul and not just to nourish.
  4. Fur babies are great companions.
  5. Life doesn’t turn out the way you want it. Sweeping the feelings under the rug is not an option. You have to deal with them, because they will come up.

I love this book and I have a new author that I am going to enjoy exploring. Sometimes you can find a great book at surprising places.

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