Angel Cats


My neighbor gave me a book called Angel Cats by Allen and Linda Anderson. He knows that Nicholas has been an intricate part of my journey with my illnesses. He thought that I would love the stories. Guess what? I did.

Angel Cats has many different stories about how cats show up, pick their owners, and help their owners heal. My Nicholas has been my own angel as he meanders through my apartment. When I was finished I thanked God for my Nicholas. This book will give you a new found appreciation for feline fur babies.

These are the ways that Nicholas has been my angel:

  • He knows when I am having a breathing issue. He sticks his nose into my mouth and meows telling me that something is wrong. He doesn’t normally get into my face. The first time he did this I thought something was wrong with him. Turns out, there was something wrong with me. My stenosis in my throat was narrowing again and I needed another surgery.
  • He chases the negativity in my life away. He does his morning dance, meowing from room to room in a dance to make me smile. He also knows the exact moment that I need some affection.
  • He is a great sleeping partner. He lies besides me and holds my hand while I am trying to fall asleep. This helps me relax.
  • He has been my voice when I didn’t have one. He meows and lets my caregiver know that I need assistance or even friends or family members while they are visiting me.
  • He is my guard. When I first get home from the hospital. He sleeps on the corner of my bed facing the door on watch while I rest.

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