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Broken Ground




In Karen Halvorsen Schreck’s book “Broken Ground” we go on a journey with Emily. The journey includes marriage, her husband’s untimely death in the oil field, moving back in with her parents, dealing with a father who seems over bearing with his rules and the church, then going to college in California, being raped by her professor, getting kicked out of college for reporting the rape, and then helping teaching Mexican adult and children. This all happens in the 1930’s. I was so angry towards the professor and the dean when she got kicked out of college because her teacher raped her and then lied about Emily.

Here is what I found inspiring about Emily’s story in “Broken Ground”:

  • Even with the challenges of losing your husband, dealing with an overbearing, religious, zealous father, being raped, getting kicked out of school, and then seeing Mexicans, even legal citizens getting deported during the great drought in the 1930’s Emily never lost her hope.
  • Emily kept fighting, at first timidly, but as she grew as a woman she became stronger.
  • Prejudice is never okay, even when you don’t understand another person’s culture, or you think them having what you don’t is not fair to you.
  • Having a support system helps one to stand taller, firmer, and stronger.


I hope you will check out Karen Halvorsen Schreck’s novel “Broken Ground”. I hope you get lost in the story like I did.

In exchange for my honest opinion on Karen Halvorsen Schreck’s novel “Broken Ground” I was give a free copy by Howard Books. My opinions are my own.

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